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All of our Seafood is available vacuum packed and freezer ready in ½ lb- 1 lb. portion sizes. (Shrimp 1 lb portions only) Please feel free to mix and match our products to make up a minimum $50.00 order for Free delivery to your home or business in White-Rock and South Surrey. We do delivery to some other Lower Mainland areas. Call us at 604-538-9182 for arranging deliveries .Try our $50 seafood sample pack.


North Pacific Halibut                                                                                                Check out our freezing tips

Halibut Fillets - 5lbs Boneless and skinless
10-12 portions per order
$21.95 per lb
Halibut Cheeks Delicacy - 5lbs $19.95 per lb
Whole Halibut

Dressed with head off

15 - 40 lbs

Prices subject to change to reflect current market value.
Call 604-538-9182 or email for current market prices

Halibut Fillets

Freezer Ready (vacuum sealed)

½ to 1½ packages

$21.50 per lb - $22.50 per lb (Dinners for 2)

Halibut Cheeks

Freezer Ready (vacuum sealed)

½ - 1 lb packages $19.95 per lb
Halibut Steaks ½- 1 ½ lb packages $16.95 per lb

The world’s preminum white fish, fresh from Northern waters. Firm and flaky with excellent flavour – team with your favourite sauce or enjoy the simple taste. Can be grilled, poached, baked or seared. The Halibut season runs from mid-March to mid-November.

Skin-on halibut fillets are available during barbeque season. Our customers rave about the freshness of our halibut – it truly does make a difference in taste when you receive your fish “Fresh Off the Boat”!

Wild Salmon                                                         

Item Size Price

Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets

(Freezer ready available year round)

½ - 2 lbs $14.50 per lb price range (vacuum sealed and all pin bones removed)

Wild Red Spring Fillets

½ - 1 lb $16.50 per lb

Fresh Off the Boat is dedicated to providing the most natural and flavourful salmon available.  Also, remember salmon is highly desired for its important Omega-3 s benefits. 

Fresh Wild Salmon Season runs June through September.

Black Cod (Sablefish) / Ling Cod                                               

Items Size Price
Cold Smoked Black Cod Fillets 1/2 -1 lb $21.50 per lb - No dyes or colouring - Alder smoked
Rougheye Rockfish Fillets (Red Snapper) 1/4 - 1/2 lb packages $9.95 per lb - bone out and skin off

Premium Ling Cod fillets (Vacuum packed freezer ready)

½ - 1 lb Packages $14.50 per lb
Sablefish Fillets (not smoked) ½ lb - 1 lb $21.50 per lb

Sablefish (often called Black Cod in restaurants) is a premium white fish which offers a rich, succulent flavour and “melt in your mouth” texture. Our Smoked Black Cod Fillets are ”au natural” - No dyes or colouring is used.  The back-bone removed. Each package is vacuum sealed for freshness. Please check out our recipe section for delicious and easy to prepare Sablefish

Wild Side-Striped Shrimp                                          Check out our defrosting tips

Item Size Price

Large Side-Stripe Shrimp


1 lb packages

$14.95 per lb

B.C. Spot Prawns


1 lb package (Vancouver Farmer's Market customers, please pre-order your prawns or shrimp by phone, at the markets or email. $ Current Market Price

The Side-Stripe Shrimp are like a medium prawn and very flavourful. The shrimp are frozen at sea and packaged in one pound packages for convenience.  Each pound of shrimp will feed three to four people. Great for an easy meal or as an appetizer.  Try our Double Lemon Garlic Shrimp recipe as a peel and eat appetizer.   

Easy to Defrost: Place the frozen package in lukewarm water and let sit for 15 minutes.  Remove from bag and rinse in cold water to remove any remaining ice.  One of our customers called the Side-Stripe Shrimp “absolutely the best shrimp he has ever had!”

Smoked Fish Products – Alder Wood Smoked                                                 

Item Size Price
Hot Smoked Maple Sockeye Salmon Strips ½ lb package $11 - 12.00 each
Wild Ocean Canned Sockeye Salmon-(not smoked) 213 grams (large tin)

1 Tin $ 4.95 or 3 Tins for $13.50

Case of 24 - $96.00

Smoked Sockeye Lox sliced 100 grams $6.95 each or 2 for $12.95
Smoked Sockeye Lox sliced 200 grams Currently N/A

Double Smoked Sockeye strips

½ lb packages $10 - 12.00 each
Single Smoke Red Spring Salmon Chunks ½ lb packages $20.00 lb - Check for seasonal availability
Smoked Lemon Pepper Red Spring Salmon Chunks  **Best Seller**  ½ lb packages $21.00 lb - Check for seasonal availability


*Please feel free to mix and match our products to make up a minimum $50.00 order for FREE Delivery to your home or business. Fresh Off The Boat Ocean Foods accepts the following credit cards.

Gift Certificates

Seafood Gift Certificates for “Fresh Off The Boat” are available to order.  Great gift idea for birthdays,

thank yous, and Christmas. Available in your choice of denomination


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